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I'm an insight & data-driven product designer.

I use customer feedback & analytics to improve experiences on the web & mobile devices.


It may be true that a Jack-of-all-Trades is a master of none, however when it comes to your product,
you definitely want a generalist on your team. Below are my step-by-step processes for product success.

User Research

I approach user research as a process to create hypotheses for understanding product-market fit.

  • Define Objectives
  • Determine Hypothesis
  • Outline Methods
  • Conduct Research
  • Synthesize Results
  • Present Findings
  • Defend Results
User Testing

I implement user testing as a process for proving or disproving our hypotheses from research.

  • Define Plan
  • Create Scenario
  • Set Environment
  • Run Pilot
  • Recruit Participants
  • Facilitate Test
  • Write Report

I use a low-fidelity to a high-fidelity wireframing approach to present layouts and interactions.

  • Sketch
  • Create Guides
  • Highlight Shapes
  • Use Stencils
  • Rapid Prototype
  • Present Layout
  • Iterate Design
UI Design

I create pixel-perfect user interfaces with Photoshop as my main weapon of choice.

  • Create Guides
  • Highlight Shapes
  • Layer Groups
  • Select Fonts
  • Choose Icons & Images
  • Initialize Color & Textures
  • Present Design
HTML, CSS & JavaScript

I write HTML, CSS & JavaScript, which makes the design process smoother during the UI stage.

  • Create Framework
  • Write HTML
  • Write CSS
  • Install jQuery
  • Write JS
  • Review & Commit Code
Product Design

I combine art, science, and technology to collaborate on creating products that people love.

  • Analyze Research
  • Define Problem
  • Ideate
  • Select Solution
  • Implement Design
  • Evaluate Results
Product Management

I help to fill the gap between business decisions and technology implementation.

  • Sprint Meetings
  • Update Documentation
  • Analyze Research
  • Management Presentations
  • Design Testing
  • Development Overview
Product Marketing

I know how to build and leverage viral coefficients within the product to initiate and scale growth.

  • Audience Identification
  • Price Testing
  • Competitive Placement
  • Viral Engagement
  • Customer Engagement
  • Repeatable Processes


When I was young I wanted to be a NAVY SEAL, however a silly medical condition prevented that.
But I can still utilize the same approach in acquiring an effective set of skills and tools to be a top operator.


I started my design career as a 12 year old, designing graphic logos for surf and skateboard companies. There are probably thousands.

User Experience

I learned the importance of UX design during my first startup, bought some sticky-notes and doubled down on those skills.

User Interface

UI design was the natural progression of my background in graphic design. Like everything else, I taught myself.


I earned my product experience starting companies, raising capital, growing customers, and selling companies. No MBA for me, thanks.


I used my educational experience at Harvard to learn how to code. It made sense with my background in UI. I love bringing original designs to life.


HTML without CSS is just plain... plain. Depending on the resources, I usually start with frameworks and work my way from there.


I have a love and hate relationship with JavaScript, but doesn't everybody? Sometimes I spend free time learning new libraries...


My PHP experience came as a result of Wordpress. Thanks, Photo Matt! It's probably the closest I will get to back-end programming.


Little did I know in 2003, it would turn out to be one of the best downloads of my career. I still get excited when I open a fresh canvas.


A/B and multivariate testing used to be a real pain before this tool came into existence. Now it's hard to imagine design without it.


...and it's more antiquated cousin PowerPoint. There's not much that can't be done in either of these programs. Ask to see some of my old pitch decks.


Thankfully, I forgot what programming was like before being introduced to Coda. It's hard to even call it a text-editor. Best ever.


In five years, EVERYONE will forget how programming was before Github. I know there are competitors and I've tried most of them. But c'mon!


An essential tool for user research and testing. I even like it's subsidiary Wufoo, when I'm too lazy to create a form with PHP.


That monkey looks way too much like Curious George not to use this. With Mandrill, it's definitely my favorite email platform.


The people over at 37Signals just know how to build awesome products. Unless someone demands otherwise, I use Basecamp for project management.


Confucius said to choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.
If that is the case, then none of the stuff below is work, although I've spent countless hours doing it.

Lead UX/UI Designer
(ongoing side project circa 2011)

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Lead UX/UI Designer
(2013 project)

Lead UX/UI Designer
(2012 project)

Lead UX/UI Designer
(2012 project)

UI Designer
(2012 project)

Advisor & Visual Designer
(2012 project)

Advisor & Android UX/UI Designer
(2012 project)

Lead UX/UI Designer
(2011 project)

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer
(2008 - 2010)