My name is Warren.

I'm a product guy that likes to solve hard problems with world-class teams.

I previously co-founded four startups, three of which shut down, and one was acquired.

Now I'm a Product Manager at Ripple, working on distributed consensus ledger technology.

I have many stories.


Co-founder & Head of Product
2014 - 2016

In 2014, the biggest problem facing Bitcoin was price volatility. I started Hedgy with three others in an attempt to solve this issue so that Bitcoin would one day reach mainstream adoption. In our quest to create a more open, accountable and distributed financial world, we ended up designing one of the first fully functional smart contracts for financial applications.


Co-founder & Head of Product
2012 - 2013

When the check engine light turns on in your car, anxiety ensues. That feeling is brought-on by something called information asymmetry. I co-founded Jaze for the purpose of reducing information asymmetry in the automotive industry. Jaze was designed to empower car owners with actionable intelligence about their vehicle to help them save money, save time and drive a safer car.


Co-founder & Head of Product
2011 - 2012

Leaving lights on in the home and office amounts to tens of billions of dollars worth of wasted energy every year. At Zigswitch we aimed to solve this problem by creating a wireless sensor network that can control appliances in the home and office remotely, from a mobile device.

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Co-founder & Head of Product
2009 - 2011

At Nimbo we believed that one day water would be worth more than oil. So we designed an enterprise sustainability software platform, which was built on a proprietary algorithm that measured and reported the collective resources (water, energy, carbon and solid waste) that are consumed and expended by an organization's direct operations and product supply chain.

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